A BOLA – Carvalhal welcomes Jorge Costa’s return but leaves notice (SC Braga)

A BOLA – Carvalhal welcomes Jorge Costa’s return but leaves notice (SC Braga)
A BOLA – Carvalhal welcomes Jorge Costa’s return but leaves notice (SC Braga)
Carlos Carvalhal, coach of SC Braga, welcomes the return of Jorge Costa to Portuguese football, to assume the technical command of Farense, opponent of the Minho in the 25th round of the League (Monday, 18.45 hours, at São stadium Luís, in Faro).

«Above all, we have the utmost respect for Farense. It is a good and organized team. I am very happy that Jorge Costa is in Portuguese football, because he is a positive coach. Obviously, I, as a coach, am very pleased to have colleagues like Jorge Costa, who have a positive and qualitative view of the game. This, combined with the individual capacity of the Farense players and the tradition of playing in Faro, makes this game difficult, like all league games, but it also doesn’t take anything away from our ambition, our desire to discuss the three points », he stressed, in statements to the official media of SC Braga.

«With a sense of quality and the respect we have for Farense and the difficulties that we know the game will have, our confidence is maximum. We are confident, we are going with everything to win the game ”, assured the coach of the warriors.

Carlos Carvalhal made a largely positive assessment of the work developed during the interregnum for the commitments of the teams.

«The stop was good. It was a spectacular week, the last one particularly. We had more people involved. Until now, we were always counting players and having to compose the team with players from team B and under-23. We continue to count on them, but we have more presence of the players of the main team. We have a very good pace, and everyone is working hard and hampering our options for tomorrow’s game [segunda-feira], which is positive because it means that internal competition has increased. Now, we will have to express in the game of tomorrow everything we did during the week. We are extremely satisfied, not only with the dynamics of the team, but also with the recovery of energy, the absorption and integration of new ideas », he stressed.

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