Casagrande says he tested negative for Covid and is following all WHO recommendations (video)

In a video released this Sunday, 4, commentator Walter Casagrande Jr thanked the expressions of support after the disclosure that he had tested positive, and said that he has been following all the protocols established by in relation to Covid edit

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247 – Sports commentator Walter Casagrande Júnior said he tested negative for Covid-19. The news that Casão had been infected by the new coronavirus was released by journalist Gabriel Vaquer, from UOL, on March 31.

The ex-player had a negative PCR exam. In a video released on Sunday, 4, on social networks, Casagrande thanked the demonstrations of support and said that he has been following all the protocols established by in relation to Covid.

“I want to say that I followed all the recommendations from my doctors, who follow the WHO recommendation [Organização Mundial de Saúde]. I did all the exams at the hospital, including a chest CT scan and there was no change. But that does not mean that I should relax, “he said.

According to journalist Gabriel Vaquer, Casagrande, who has been one of the greatest critics of the continuity of football due to the pandemic of the covid-19, was carrying out his own PCR tests every 10 days at the Albert Einstein Hospital. Three of them performed negative, but the fourth, however, showed a positive result.


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