After a turbulent week, Altos beat Santa Cruz for the Northeast Cup

After a turbulent week, Altos beat Santa Cruz for the Northeast Cup
After a turbulent week, Altos beat Santa Cruz for the Northeast Cup

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Altos beat Santa Cruz-PE this Sunday afternoon (4), at the Albertão stadium. The victory by 2 to 0, with goals from Juninho Arcanjo and Leandro Amorim. The result keeps the team alive in the fight for classification until the quarterfinals of the Northeast Cup. The next appointment will be against River on Wednesday (7) by State, in the city of Piripiri.

The game

With a completely modified Altos, as the strikers Klenisson and Manoel tested positive for Covid-19 and Betinho could not enter the field with a calf injury. In addition, coach Fernando Tonet chose to change shirt 1, Marcelo and Mondragon left, who made their first match with the shirt of Altos. At 13 minutes, Altos had a good chance with Ray playing in the middle, Tiaguinho finished off.

At 29, Juninho Arcanjo drags the ball, plays for Glaucio and he has time to fix and hit, but the ball goes out again. Santa Cruz barely appeared in the game and only submitted from a distance once, but the ball did not give any work to the goalkeeper Mondragon. At 35, Juninho Arcanjo opened the scoring for Altos, for a foul, the ball deflected in the barrier and removed goalkeeper Jordan from the play. End of first half at Albertao 1-0 for Jacaré.

In the second half, Altos Altos reaches the goal early on. At two minutes, Lucas Campos’s low kick generates a corner kick. Juninho Arcanjo goes for collection, Glaucio heads and Leandro Amorim puts it inside. 2 to 0 High.

After that, Altos only managed the scoreboard in front of the limited opponent and only fulfilling in the competition. Tonet still used some pieces and made changes during the game as a way to minimize the wear and tear of the athletes.

The victory of tranquility for the course of the work, as Altos lived a troubled week due to internal problems and wage delays.

The next appointment for the Copa do Nordeste will be against CRB-AL next Sunday, but before that the team enters the field for the State Championship when they face River next Wednesday (7), at Arena Ytacoatiara, in Piripiri.

Pamella Maranhão

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