Valencia colluded with racism – 04/04/2021

Valencia colluded with racism – 04/04/2021
Valencia colluded with racism – 04/04/2021
Valencia lost a huge chance to drive an extra stake in the vampire called racism, a world sore.

In the 36th minute of the first half, after an argument with the Spanishman Cala, from Cadiz, the Frenchman Diakhaby denounced racial offense to the referee of the match. And he refused to continue on the field.

Your companions too. Everyone left the lawn and went to the locker room.

It didn’t last long. The team returned, without Diakhaby. Valencia explained that the player asked his teammates to come back and fight for victory. Diakhaby went to the podiums looking sad and furious.

Gayá, Valencia captain, said they were warned that the club would lose points if they did not return to the field.

Even so, with Diakhaby’s request and the threat reported by the captain, Valencia should not have returned.

Leaving the field is beautiful, but the necessary thing was to abandon the game. When he returned, he made it clear that trying all three points was more important than fighting racism.

And Diakhaby? In my opinion, I shouldn’t have asked the comrades to come back. If you asked. The important thing is to realize that he is the victim and does not deserve judgment from a white blogger.

Valencia gave a disapproving note. Great shit.

And still lost the game.


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