Gusttavo Lima misses Andressa Suita live, and she ‘responds’ with a photo. Understand!

Andressa Suita ‘responds’ Gusttavo Lima with photo

And there was no other! The “mother of the boys”, who have been surprised by the growth each day, did not remain silent after the ex-husband’s comment and posted a photo in response to the declaration of longing. Wearing a neon pink look with animal print, the brunette posed powerfully with a glass of wine in her hand and provoked: “And how’s the mother?”. The production also featured a golden necklace from the brand Dior, a brand of which the influencer is a fan and has already produced more than R $ 30,000.

Andressa Suita and Gusttavo Lima resumed marriage, according to columnist

Suspicions that Andressa Suita and Gusttavo Lima were together again increased with the couple’s family trip. They spent a few days in Angra dos Reis, coast of Rio de Janeiro, in the company of their children, and were even clicked by a fan during a speedboat ride on the Costa Verde. At the time, the admirer celebrated: “My people, I don’t believe it! I’m crying with joy … I don’t believe it”.

But does not stop there! The return of the celebrities’ wedding seems to be more real than ever, according to friends of the duo.

Sources close to Gabriel and Samuel’s parents said that “almost everything has returned to normal” between the two to columnist Léo Dias. Their silence is justified: they don’t want the “yo-yo” relationship label. It is worth remembering that the model moved with her children to the sertanejo’s apartment last month due to renovations on the family farm – the two did not return to live together at the time, since the singer was at his home in the interior of Goiânia.

(By Bruna Vilar)


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