Maria Cerqueira Gomes – Daughter breaks silence on the rain of criticism she was the target of: “I handled badly”

Maria Cerqueira Gomes – Daughter breaks silence on the rain of criticism she was the target of: “I handled badly”
Maria Cerqueira Gomes – Daughter breaks silence on the rain of criticism she was the target of: “I handled badly”
Francisca Cerqueira Gomes broke the silence about the rain of criticism that was the target after the TV 7 Days having reported that the young woman had been chosen to be part of the cast of the next soap opera TVI. “Party is Party”Marks the debut of the daughter of Maria Cerqueira Gomes as an actress, she who has no training in acting, the main factor that motivated young actors, such as the granddaughter of Eunice Munoz, Lídia Muñoz, and the eldest daughter of Alexandra Lencastre, Margarida Bakker, to condemn this contracting.

For the first time, Kika Cerqueira Gomes assumes that she lived “bad” days. “In the beginning, I handled badly. It was a bit of a shock, I wasn’t expecting it. But then, it is not listening, not paying attention to criticism and only paying attention to those who are by my side ”, defends the new fiction star of TVI, assuming that“ I was not expecting a reaction even if it was known so soon ”that would join the cast of “Festa é Festa”. “It has already happened, I have learned to not call or listen to people”, he says.

Maria Cerqueira Gomes’ daughter understands criticism of her hiring

Maria Cerqueira Gomes’ firstborn also admitted that the “impact” of her hiring “on so many people” made her “sad”. And it reveals to understand the criticisms. “I can understand people’s side, but if it was one of my dreams, I think they should also try to understand my side. Anyone, in my place, would grab this opportunity ”, he guarantees, in an interview with the magazine of Cristina Ferreira, who trusted the young woman to take on a character in what is the first TVI soap opera entirely defined by her since she was named the station’s Entertainment and Fiction Director.

Francisca Cerqueira Gomes says she is aware that her eyes will be on her: “It scares me because I think that the slightest mistake I make will be the end of the world. But at the same time, it doesn’t scare me too much. It is a good pressure, to do things well and to deal with it in the best way. ”

New TVI fiction star guarantees: “I will not stop studying”

The model will reconcile the recordings of “Festa é Festa” with the end of secondary school. For the first time, she also reveals that she was not expecting the first opportunity as an actress to appear at this time. “I’m in 12th grade, I expected this to happen later on. I didn’t think it could be already, but it was something I wanted for a long time. I’m in Arts and wanted to take Fashion Design or Representation. I was a bit indecisive, but I would always end up taking something related to representation ”, she says, referring that“ I was enrolled in a course at ACT [Escola de Atores], as a Patrícia Vasconcelos, to start in February, which was canceled due to the pandemic ”. “Now, this has happened and I had to seize this opportunity. There is no way to waste it ”, he stresses.

The plans came out, therefore, to the side. “I wanted to study first and then make a soap opera. But I believe that I am on a good path. I will not stop studying ”, guarantees the daughter of Maria Cerqueira Gomes.

Francisca Cerqueira Gomes: “It was going to be a huge shock”

Regarding the concrete novel, Francisca Cerqueira Gomes says she is “very happy” with the project and “dead to start” recording it. “The cast is so good! I will learn a lot from them. I was incredibly lucky in that respect. (…) I believe it will go well ”, he believes.

In the novel, the young woman will give life to “Filipa, Ana Carolina’s best friend, the main character played by Beatriz Barosa“. “Together, they will have many stories to tell”, he anticipates. However, this was not the role initially assigned to the model, as TV 7 Dias made exclusive progress. Following the wave of criticism, the model saw a new character delivered to her, with less impact on the story.

Kika Cerqueira Gomes now confirms the news of that magazine. “I was already getting used to the other [personagem]. I was already thinking that it was the other one. I was already getting into the other’s body, but I realized that it was the best for me, because it was going to be a huge shock, starting with the amount of work and days of recording, and even more so when I’m finishing 12. Year and take out the letter. It was the best for me. My new character is also going to be good and I hope people like it ”, he says.

In the last few weeks, Maria Cerqueira Gomes’ daughter has been trained in TVI’s fictional production company, Plural Entertainment Portugal, which “has been going very well”. “I have had trials with the Joaquim Nicolau, director of actors, and he is very good. It’s been great. We have been coaching, ”he says.

Text: Dúlio Silva; Photos: reproduction social networks

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