Nanda Costa says she was attracted to Lahn Lan at the age of 14

Nanda Costa says she was attracted to Lahn Lan at the age of 14
Nanda Costa says she was attracted to Lahn Lan at the age of 14
Nanda Costa, who is on the air as Érica in “Amor de Mãe”, said she fell in love at the age of 14 with the percussionist – and current woman – Lahn Lan. In an interview with Patrícia Kogut’s column, the actress compared the character’s love experiences in dramaturgy with your life away from the cameras.

Erica is younger than me. At her age, I didn’t have the right finger, either. Every relationship makes us grow, learning. Everyone I had prepared me for this one. Our relationships prepare us for those who come, understanding what works.

The actress comments that she met the woman at the exact moment.

Every time a relationship ends, we fall apart. Then it remains whole to experience a new thing. Lan appeared at the exact moment, when I was ready, in one piece. It was a super meeting. Every time you say it, we are sure you want to be together.

Now 34, Nanda Costa said in an interview with GNT that the first time she saw Lahn Lan, she was attracted.

When I told her that the first time, she laughed and said, ‘You found this nothing! You were disguising it! ‘ I was very young, I was 14 years old, I didn’t even know. I was discovering the world. Then I went to this show, I paid an expensive ticket, I was far away … You couldn’t really see it, you know? She had short hair, she was wearing shorts, a tank top. I couldn’t tell.

Lahn Lan was a percussionist for the singer Cássia Eller.

The look was kind of androgynous. I couldn’t stop looking at her on stage. I used to say, ‘Wow, he is a very kitten’. And my friend: ‘It’s Lahn Lan, it’s a woman’. And I said, ‘My God’. But it didn’t change what I was feeling at the time. When you said it was a girl, I kept feeling the same thing. It took me a long time to find her again. That was in 2001, I think. And we were together in 2014.

Now, celebrating seven years together and facing the pandemic alongside her beloved, the actress comments that, despite the difficulties, social isolation has strengthened the relationship.

We have been through many things. After a pandemic, work at home … There are a lot of relationships that don’t work after work too (laughs). And many people faced a crisis in the pandemic. I consider that I was very lucky and I wish the same luck for Erica.

In the plot, Érica and Davi (Vladimir richta) should live a passion. The character had already suffered a romantic disappointment with two other men – Raul (Murilo Benício) and Sandro (Humberto Carrão). However, Nanda Costa says the game could turn around this second season.

She has this spirit of Dona Lurdes (Regina Casé), of not crying or brooding over what didn’t work. She was unlucky in the last few relationships and she suffered a lot, she was left behind, but she is a heart. When passion comes, it surrenders. She is allowing herself. It is a great meeting of the two, an important moment. They are seeing that they are more similar than they looked.,

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