Kate “mortified” by Meghan’s statements about the dresses’ anger

Kate “mortified” by Meghan’s statements about the dresses’ anger
Kate “mortified” by Meghan’s statements about the dresses’ anger

As a reminder of the intrigues and disputes of the royal courts of other centuries, the climate of tension between the Sussex and the Cambridge is more heated than ever since the interview that Harry e Meghan gave the Oprah Winfrey, which many Britons consider a washing of dirty clothes in public that was expendable and only became bad for them, as they had already achieved what they wanted with Megxit. According to the British press, which cites sources close to the Dukes of Cambridge, Kate he would have been “mortified” by the fact that his sister-in-law spoke of the anger they had about the clothes of the girls in the alliances on the occasion of the marriage of the former American actress to Harry, while William will be furious that his brother said that he and father, Prince Carlos, “Are stuck”In the real system, but, contrary to what happened to him, they cannot be freed from this“ yoke ”.

In the conversation with Oprah, Meghan even clarified that right on the occasion of her anger with Kate, who brought her to tears, the Duchess of Cambridge apologized to her and sent her a bouquet of flowers, so she considered that the episode was healed and forgiven and it didn’t make sense to come up again at the sister-in-law’s interview, she told the magazine OK! journalist Katie Nicholl, a specialist in real affairs. As for William, and according to a source assured to the Sunday Times, he does not accept the statements that the brother gave about the “vital liberation” that was the removal of the royal family, which, he stressed to Oprah, was achieved thanks to Meghan’s help. “I was arrested myself. I didn’t see a way out. I was stuck and I didn’t know it. Trapped within the system, like the rest of my family. My father and brother are in prison, but they cannot leave ”, referred.

William, to whom everyone recognizes an unconditional acceptance of the destiny that was traced to him at birth and with a strong sense of duty and public service, said, according to the Sunday Times: “I’m not under arrest.” In the same way when, in the first official act he attended after the Sussex interview, he was asked about the accusations of racism that his brother and sister-in-law made to the royal family, William was adamant: “We are not racist!”

Another theme that is also dividing the brothers is the “dispute” for the memory of Princess Diana. Harry has used the tragedy that happened to his mother to justify Megxit and, in response, William made a point of remembering that he is also the son of the “princess of the people”, taking advantage of Mother’s Day, which was celebrated in England on the last day 14, to publicize some cards that their children dedicated to their grandmother, who they never knew. In reaction, Harry made it known that on that day he had flowers laid in his mother’s grave.

However, the CBS journalist Gayle King, who spoke to the Dukes of Sussex after the Oprah interview, says that after that there will have been talks between Harry, his father and his brother, but that “were not productive ”, and that the Sussex are anxious that the “Royalty intervene and tell the press to stop the false, inaccurate and unfair stories”.

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