Juliette shoots for Gilberto at BBB21: ‘When I got tired, you attacked me’ | BBB house

They remember the moments that were far from each other, and the Paraiba says that she tried to alert her friend several times, but that he did not listen to what she had to say.

“The times you saw it, I made it a point to prove it to you. I proved it, Carla, Thaís … it took all this to happen, Sarah to leave for you to understand …“, it says.

The doctoral student remembers his situation with Carla and said that he managed to resolve himself with the actress, but she countered: “Because she wanted to. If it were someone else, I wouldn’t have“.

Then he explains how it felt to be excluded by him and Sarah: “You understand that it tires. It was not enough what I said. There comes a time when I was tired already. When I got tired, you attacked me.”

She also talks about a situation where she tried to talk to him, but Sarah got into the conversation: “She intervened as if I was going to convince you of something, for God’s sake … what power do I have over someone here? And you left …“.

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