‘BBB 21’: Gil and Fiuk win Angel, brother ‘zero’ reality and web decrees: ‘Protagonist’

‘BBB 21’: Gil and Fiuk win Angel, brother ‘zero’ reality and web decrees: ‘Protagonist’
‘BBB 21’: Gil and Fiuk win Angel, brother ‘zero’ reality and web decrees: ‘Protagonist’
Gil and Fiuk are the Angel of the week at “Big Brother Brasil 21”. The pair won the Guarana Angel Test, inspired by the classic “BBB 11” contest, and won R $ 10,000 each, in addition to a special lunch with two gifts: one from each family. With the victory, Gilberto shouted: “I did everything, Tiago!”. The presenter then asked: “Did you reset the BBB, Gil?”. On the web, the economist’s fans celebrated the brother’s achievement and decreed: “Protagonist”.

It is worth remembering that “Gil do Vigor” was a Leader, Monstro, attended Big Fone, went to Paredão, won Prova Bate e Volta and, now, consecrates himself as an Angel alongside Fábio Jr.’s son

Gil and Fiuk win Proof of the Angel in pair

On Saturday afternoon (3), eight brothers were drawn to play the Angel’s Trial and formed pairs: Gil and Fiuk, Caio and Rodolffo, Pocah and Arthur and João and Camilla de Lucas. Rereading of an old proof of the “BBB 11”, the dispute consisted of a rotation of cans of soda from one side to the other and ended with the victory of the duo formed by the economist and the singer, Gilberto’s podium in reality.

Fiuk and Gil defeated Arthur and Pocah in the final, taking the awards of the week. The allies chose to punish Caio and Rodolffo with the Stone Age Monster. The bastions, as the pair from Goiás are called, had to wear costumes from the time of the caves and, at the sign of the Monster, they must go to the base mounted on the lawn and stay there until the time stipulated by the production.

Gil ‘zeroes’ BBB 21 and web reacts: ‘Protagonist’

The victory of “Gil do Vigor” in Prova do Anjo drew the attention of reality fans, who were excited by the newest achievement of the economist: he “zeroed” the “BBB 21”. Like this? Brother was a Leader, Monster, answered Big Fone, came back from Paredão, won Bate e Volta … Gilberto’s list of achievements is long and, with the Angel, the doctoral student seems to have taken advantage of everything that the most watched house in the world has to offer. Brazil could offer you.

The web reacted to the result of this Saturday’s test (3) and decreed: “Protagonist”.

In addition to the official achievements in tests, there were those who remembered the “doggy” of Pernambuco, too, as he refers. “He kissed at the party, fought, cried and laughed at falling to the floor, “added an internet user.”githe parties, gossip, cause confusion and be a friend of entertainment. Only a madman thinks that Gil do Vigor is not the protagonist of BBB 21 “, decreed another.

Now, Gil and Fiuk await the Angel’s Gift, which will also be in pairs. Check out, below, the public’s reaction to the duo’s victory:

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