BBB 2021: Juliette comments on Caio and regrets the situation of Gil and Pocah

BBB 2021: Juliette comments on Caio and regrets the situation of Gil and Pocah
BBB 2021: Juliette comments on Caio and regrets the situation of Gil and Pocah

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BBB 2021: In a chat with João, Juliette analyzed Caio’s game (Image: Reproduction / Globoplay)

In a chat in the kitchen, Juliette e John analyzed the situation of Caio no BBB 2021. In an outburst, the lawyer opined on why the Goiano did not try to understand her.

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“I am very imbecile, I deserve it. I’m a retard. The amount of things I did for this boy [Caio] and he just saw a little bit of bad stuff and overvalued it. It is unfair, no joke ”, lamented the paraibana

In the sequence, João analyzed: “Pay attention. He won three angels. The monster always becomes a reason for voting and he gave it to six people, but he doesn’t have five votes ”.

“Do you know why? He knows how to do it well, because it is not interesting for him to understand me for him to have a reason to vote. I am the quota. I can see very well what his intention is. This thing that he takes against me ”, fired Juliette.

And it was not only about Caio that the makeup artist also spoke. In another moment, in a conversation about the formation of the shepherd of the week with Pocah, Viih Tube and Camilla de Lucas, the paraibana stated that she sees the funkeira and Gilberto currently excluded from reality

“All the boys and Pocah stayed”, observed Juliette. “Wow, Pocah is the only woman, right?”asked Viih, who organized the VIP of the week.

“And it’s horrible, see? I’ve already been like this. I already looked bad when it was just me and her. It’s bad, you can’t leave her alone, no. The person feels excluded“, Pointed out the lawyer.

“Gil is also in the lions’ den, because the boy is upset with him, Rodolffo”, analyzed the sister.

The leader of the week, then, said that it was the economist himself who created the situation with his brother, since he referred him to the wall even though they were allies in the game. “But I wouldn’t vote for him, no”, Viih added. “I’m talking about being excluded”, clarified the makeup artist.

Afterwards, Camilla de Lucas spoke again about Pocah being the only woman in the shape. “I imagine that Pocah understands, but the person is still a little sad”, said.

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