BBB21: ‘Do the people think I was false with Juliette?’, Says Gilberto

Gilberto e Arthur they were talking in Xepa’s kitchen and the economist fears that he is being judged by the public for his speech in the last Discord Game.

“Do the people think I was false with the Juliette and hate me because of that? Why did I say the tear thing? ”He said.

“It is what you said: you will say what you feel. I also spoke then ”, countered the crossfitter.

“I don’t mean that no one cries. Then she explained that she is a makeup artist, she has a whole technique. I can feel super bad, I felt sorry, but at the time I spoke. I regretted that there specifically. Then, I wonder: Does it happen that when I fight with the ‘live’, the crowd doesn’t like it? Do you find it very impolite? That he doesn’t want me to fight, because he wants something lighter for the program. ”

“You know that people like the ‘train’ even on fire,” said Arthur.

“But I haven’t been live in a long time. I have always been the last in the Discord Game for a long time. Do I leave a very heavy atmosphere at the house? “, Concluded Gilberto.

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