BBB21: After an intimate injury, Caio shows Rodolffo his penis during a bath, and gets irritated by his brother’s reaction: “P * ta he left!”; watch

It’s like the saying goes: kill the snake and show the stick! After making a wound on his own private parts this Friday (2), Caio Afiune decided to show the wound to Rodolffo at “BBB 21”. While taking baths together this afternoon (3), the farmer pulled on his trunks and let the singer look at the situation below. More than friends, brothers!

The Goians were getting ready to take the punishment of the monster, when Caio was surprised by the size of the cut on his penis. “P * ta que pariu”he exclaimed, when he had his hand in his trunks. It was then that he invited Rodolffo to observe the “damage” he had done while shaving. “Come here and I’ll show you. Come here for you to see ”he called.

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When Rodolffo approached, Caio pulled his trunks closer and the countryman was able to see his friend’s “bastion”. “Oh no, boy, a little steak for nothing”, he belittled, taking the farmer seriously. “IT’S! A steak … Get it out of yours! Get your steak like that. Put the scissors there, wow! ”replied Afiune. “You can’t touch it differently, it already hurts, did you ever think about pulling out the scissors, boy ?!”, he continued, while the musician burst out laughing. And how can we not laugh at a situation like this? Hahahaha

Watch the video below:

You ask yourself: wow, what happened? We give you the answer! After giving up the endurance test, at dawn on Friday (2), Caio took advantage of the empty house to give a treatment in the intimate areas. The brother, however, ended up hurting himself by shaving his groin with a razor. With that, he accidentally cut the skin on his penis. “I went to cut a little hair from the groin with the machine and pulled a splinter from the leather of the stick. It was white and now it’s bleeding ”, he told Fiuk. “Wow, old man. Did you dress? ”, questioned the musician, astonished by the statement.

Even Boninho made fun of Caio’s cut on the skin of his penis. (Photo: Playback / TV Globo)

The farmer, for his part, denied it and said he used a cream to try to stop the blood. “No, I put a cream over there to see if it fits. It’s burning, old man. It’s bleeding! ”, complained. “What the fuck, Tião!”, lamented the son of Fábio Jr. Not happy, Caio continued to talk about the subject. “It’s bleeding, bro, and look, I just cleaned it. The bug went white at the time ”he commented. It is like that with a bastion, a stick is a stick, a stone is a rock! No tongue in jaws! Hahahaha

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Of course, the attraction’s director, Boninho, would not let Caio’s little problem pass by! “We know that the razor hit a ball with Gilberto’s beard, but Caio forced it”, wrote, in the caption of an image that contains the following sentence: “Heads up. Gilete does not work miracles, nor does he come with night vision ”. Kkkk Help!

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