Luiza Ambiel cheats fans by assuming ‘romance’ with Anitta’s father – Famous

Luiza Ambiel and Mauro Machado, Anitta’s father (photo: Reproduo / Instagram)

Luiza Ambiel published a photo this Friday (2/4) to show his new “relationship”. Beside Mauro Machado, father of Anitta, she writes: “It all started with a post. From there to there are many bathtubs. Painitto, I love you, baby. Anyway, together and ss. Cad my baby, Anitta?”.

However, it was all a joke. Half an hour later, the Luiza clarified that the publication was nothing more than a prank by her and the comedian Maurcio Meirelles. Of course, the joke took followers by surprise. “What do you mean, you’re dating Anitta’s father,” commented one follower. “My God Luiza, explain!” Wrote another.

Then, the photo caption was updated to: “It all started with a post. From there to there, lots of friendship, affection and respect! Wrestling, I love you, baby! yes as friends. Anitta falls into the web bullying of the new program the Maurcio Meirelles on TV network”.

“Guys, it was bad! Luiza Ambiel you are not dating the father of Anitta. Sorry :/”, Meirelles wrote on Twitter. The occasion of “web bullying” was the recording of the humorist’s program, Ambiel participated.

The Twitter profile of the formerThe Farm 12 It was also an important part of spreading the prank. “Anitta will teach me how to roll the raba ”, he wrote Ambiel. “Amor de me, @Anitta”, published next. Check out the tweets that made the singer’s fans laugh:


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