BBB 2021: After the Leader Test, Arthur pees in the shower box and starts calculations for the wall

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BBB 2021: Arthur left the Leader Test because he really needed to pee and ended up doing it outside the reserved area (Image: Reproduction / Globoplay)

After being alone with Viih Tube on Leader Proof this week on BBB 2021, Arthur he had to give up the dispute because he was too tight to pee.

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I’m leaving, this is yours! I really need to go to the bathroom“, Said the crossfiteer to the influencer, who won the competition and is the newest leader in the game.

After leaving the dance floor, the brother ran to the bathroom, but saw that Juliette he was using the booth with a stomachache. Unable to hold it, the confined man peed in the corner of the bathroom stall.

On the web, netizens, who had already criticized the filth of the place, did not stop talking about Arthur’s episode. “Imagine the stink of the bus station that is in that place. God forbid”, said an internet user. “Look at this filth”, observed another user of the social network. “I can not take it anymore”, wrote a third.

Some time later, more recovered from the race, the crossfit instructor started to think about the game and the wall of Sunday (04). In conversation with Gilberto, who is also threatened, Arthur said: “And I’m going to need to know who you are pulling.”

“My pull is the usual pull. It will be like this until the end of the world“Replied the economist, referring to Rodolffo. “It will hurt me if I go out for him. It hurts, but it’s okay, let’s go ”, he stated.

Afterwards, the capixava said he should vote for Juliette, as he thinks other participants will also vote for the lawyer.

In the chat, Gilberto still wanted to know about Arthur’s opinion about whom Viih Tube should indicate to the wall. “In me, she won’t”, guaranteed the piebald.

However, in conversation with Juliette, the new leader cited the confined as her second voting option if she cannot vote for Gilberto on the day of the wall.

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