Controversial video by Marina Ruy Barbosa with deputy circulates on the internet; watch!

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Marina Ruy Barbosa is caught with deputy (Image: Reproduction – Instagram / Editing – RD1)

Marina Ruy Barbosa was recently accused of being involved with the federal deputy Guilherme Mussi when I was still married to Alexandre Negrão and has just been spotted with him.

The two landed in São Paulo after an international trip together to the Maldives and Dubai. Soon after, they were seen inside the city and a fan made a point of filming everything from afar.

In the images, they appeared in front of a pharmacy. The actress wore a denim jacket and pants and got into a jeep shortly thereafter. Then, the deputy goes to the car and enters with the purchases.

The episode took place in Capão Bonito, where he owns a property. According to columnist Leo Dias, however, the actress does not intend to officially assume the romance.

“Guilherme and Marina are getting closer and closer, getting to know each other better, without haste, a romance in its initial phase, of two young singles”, he explained. This week, she landed in Brazil in disguise.

According to columnist Fabiola Reipert, from the Balance Sheet, the redhead was afraid of being canceled because she spent the season in Dubai amid the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

Because of this, she did not share any photos of the entire trip on her social networks, but the incidents were inevitable. The photographers on duty clicked her into the car with a cap to hide.

The photos were taken at Guarulhos Airport, in São Paulo, where she was surrounded by security guards. In her column, Fábia informed that she was still married, when she started to visit the politician’s office.

The place is located at Rua Amauri, in Itaim Bibi, a prime area of ​​São Paulo. She entered the place registering a fictitious name in place of her own and the attitude had the approval of Mussi, who, by the way, was a great friend of Negrao.

According to the columnist’s sources, in mid-2020, it began to become commonplace in the deputy’s office for employees to be released shortly after lunchtime.

Although they did not understand the reason, the people who worked there believed that Mussi was supposed to have private meetings about politics.

However, the day after a release, the first employees to arrive on the scene found the reception lounge upside down.

In the mess, it was found a package of socks from the brand Ginger, Marina Ruy Barbosa’s company.

In addition to the two little meetings in the office, the redhead also used to have dinner with Guilherme on the spot with his advisor and his wife, who is his partner in the clothing brand.

Even the one who always released the employees was the deputy’s trusted professional.

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