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Adriel MarquesEM OFF reporter 03/04/2021 13h08

Did you know that the singers Pocah and Ludmilla have fought ugly in the past? The current sister of Big Brother Brasil 21 (Globo), has already been involved in a great deal of confusion with his fellow funkeira who literally ended up in a “beating”. The most curious thing is that this Saturday (3), Ludmilla is the main attraction of the BBB Party, creating expectations among netizens and viewers of the reality of how this meeting will be.

We know that the guests as a musical attraction of the parties cannot interact with the participants, however, there is always a greeting or loose comments asking for animation from the brothers. What will Pocah’s reaction be like seeing the old rival on stage? We already expect a real climate pie filled with tension with Ludmilla in the most watched house in Brazil.

Ludmilla, current judge of the The Voice +, told the reason for the fight at The Noite with Danilo Gentili (SBT). The shack with Pocah happened in 2012, the main reason was the song that bears the title of ‘Recalcada’. Lud stunned the audience when he reported that he punched Sister Pocah in the face: “I got a song when I wasn’t famous. Then I recorded it. A girl [Pocah] who was more famous than me, at the time recorded the song in front of me ”.

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The reason for the confusion was because the label of both decided to “give” the song to Ludmilla, however, the singer did not know that Pocah was the composer. About the fight, Ludmilla gave details: “Fight! I didn’t even know I was going to fight and it heated my blood. She fell on a glass table and kept saying that she was going to tear up her face. Everyone came to separate us. There was a lot of beating ”.

Pocah after years spoke up with his version: “They gave me a song that I made for Ludmilla to record without my consent. I didn’t even know, she much less ”. Regarding the relationship with Ludmilla, he said that he loves her: “Today we are mature enough to leave our problems behind, and I love her and respect her too much.” Could it be that there was no break between the two? Let’s find out together today in the live edition of Big Brother Brasil.

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