Ludmilla to perform at BBB21 after hitting Pocah in the face

Ludmilla will perform at BBB21 and the public is curious about Pocah’s reaction (Photo: Reproduction)

Ludmilla will do a show at BBB21

The night of this Saturday, April 3, will be marked by the BBB21 party and the attraction of the night has already been confirmed: Ludmilla. However, the name of the funkeira circulated on social networks was enough for Internet users on duty to quickly remember Pocah, who is confined to the reality show.

For those who do not know, the two had an ugly fight in the past and rolled up in the face. Upset after having a song stolen by Pocah, Ludmilla could not stand it and hit a punch in the face of the singer who is confined in BBB21. Because of this, the public is curious about this meeting in front of the cameras.

Ludmilla told the story in 2014 when she participated in The Noite on SBT: “I won a song when I was not famous. Then I recorded it. A girl who was more famous than me at the time recorded the song in front of me. I cried”. Soon after, she said she hit Pocah.

“[Dei] Porrada in [cantora] who stole my music. I didn’t even know I was going to fight. It heated my blood, boiled and I punched her in the face. She fell on a glass table and kept saying that she was going to tear up her face. Everyone came to separate us. It was really hard, ”she said of BBB21’s sister.

Five years later, Pocah spoke about the confusion: “They gave me a song that I made for Ludmilla to record without my consent. I didn’t even know, she least of all. I didn’t steal the song, and she can confirm that, because Lud has a gigantic heart, and I think she would not agree with that lie ”.

“Today we are mature enough to leave our problems behind, and I love her and respect her too much,” said BBB21’s sister. It is precisely because of this clash that the home audience is curious to know Pocah’s reaction to Ludmilla’s presentation during the show on Globo’s reality show.

Pocah will be surprised at BBB21 with a presentation by Ludmilla (Photo: Reproduction)
Pocah will be surprised at BBB21 with a presentation by Ludmilla (Photo: Reproduction)

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