Review ‘kicking’ that Fiuk has already taken on the show

Attention, penalized! In the dance marathon that gave the leadership of “BBB 21” to Viih Tube, Fábio Jr.’s son did not understand the rules and was the first one eliminated from the competition.

In the live program, he complained that the criteria on dynamics were not clear, but he did not do well. He ended up being scolded by Tiago Leifert.

Recall here other moments when the singer was “kicked” in reality.

Smoking before the race?

At the beginning of the season, when the brothers were about to take a test by the angel, Fiuk asked Tiago Leifert if he could attend to his addiction before the momentum.

But it only took one kick. “Ah, Fiuk!” Replied the host, who continued to explain the rules of the game.

It was not time

Minutes after Projota won the angel test, the participants gathered in the garden for the announcement of the monster. But Fiuk and Caio went to the balcony to smoke and took a call from Leifert:

Fiuk and Caio, it was not time right? It was not the time! It’s not the moment, is it?

Without reacting, the brothers walked crestfallen back to the lawn of the house.

But not even a cigarette?

It was also because of the cigarette that Fiuk was scolded when he was punished with the monster for the first time.

His pair was Camilla de Lucas, he was dressed up as a playing card and decided to smoke on his “stage”.

“Attention, penalized, no cigarettes”, announced the production for the house. “Gee, production, that was not talked about”, tried to answer Fiuk.

Production laughs

One afternoon in March, the voice that guides the brothers talked to the participants to give Fiuk another scolding. The singer was cutting his nails in the colorful room, but he was to perform personal hygiene in the bathroom.

Soon after, however, the production laughed at the audio, and the cast was confused, but also burst out laughing.

Image: Playback / Globoplay

My fault Liefert

When he was a leader, and could not take the test of the angel, Fiuk asked Tiago Leifert if he could cook while the brothers fulfilled the dynamic. However, the singer received no response and complained:

You don’t have to be rude to me, it’s just a question.

Tiago Leifert countered Fiuk’s complaint with an attentive noise. But after the scolding, he made a mea culpa:

Making a mea-culpa, we know that the angel’s warnings are coming at the very last minute. Let’s change that so that you don’t start making food and suddenly burn.

After Sarah’s elimination, who deserves to win the program?

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