BBB 2021: Fiuk complains about the rule and Tiago Leifert scolds live

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Fiuk complains and Tiago Leifert scolds (Image: Reproduction – Globo / Editing – RD1)

Fiuk was the first one eliminated from Leader Proof this week’s BBB 2021, from Globo. Yesterday (2), the actor complained to Tiago Leifert about why he left the resistance competition. He sat in the space of the dispute.

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“But I confess that I was a little upset, man, that I didn’t know about that rule there, you know …”, fired the also singer, who was eliminated shortly after sitting down for a few seconds to rest.

The presenter did not think twice and pinned his brother: “Ah, didn’t you imagine that you couldn’t sit in a resistance test?“. Fiuk also tried to justify himself by recalling other evidence of the edition.

“No, it is because they already had resistance tests that in that interval of seconds we always sat down to rest. So I really didn’t imagine ”, commented the artist.

Tiago Leifert stated: “But in this one we said that we could. When we can, we say we can“. Fábio Jr.’s son replied: “Oh, I didn’t know, it was bad then”.

Finally, the holder of BBB 2021 continued to explain about the rule of proof so that there was no doubt that the brothers could not sit. “Dance marathon, I told you: press the button and get back on the dance floor, won’t you? Immediately”, he stated.

“Okay, really. That’s right”, said Fiuk. Leifert finished: “So, you can’t sit there, right. Imagine the dance marathon. Everyone presses the button, one lies down, the other lies down, the other sits down, this is not a dance marathon ”.

Before this interaction with the actor, the presenter consolidated the leadership of Viih Tube and also mocked the way the brothers danced in the competition. In addition, he gave a prize of one thousand reais to João, who gave himself up in the competition.

Fábio Almeida

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