Reporter is interrupted with a shout of “Globo trash”, and Maju replies: “it’s working, fulfilling its function of informing” (video)

While the reporter was speaking, an unidentified person started shouting in the background. “Garbage globe! That’s what you are, garbage”, he fired. Even so, the professional tried to continue with the news edit

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247 – The journalist Jeferson Ageitos was interrupted live in the Jornal Hoje of this Saturday (3) during a report in Porto Alegre. While the professional was passing on information about the trade in the region, one person shouted “Globo Lixo” five times in the background.

Maria Júlia Coutinho commented on the insults and defended her colleague: “You are working, fulfilling your function of informing”. The information is from the Na Telinha portal.

Ageitos talked live with the anchor and talked about the situation of the stores in Porto Alegre, which reopened today after the merchants got a special authorization for the Easter period.

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