Sharon Stone reveals “secret” abortion

This week, Sharon Stone (63) came out with her new autobiography “The Beauty of Living Twice”.

The book has already received a lot of media attention with revelations such as that a surgeon enlarged the Hollywood star’s breasts without her consent, and that she had her life turned for the worse after the iconic “Basic Instinct” role.

– The tumors were gigantic

Burnt bloody clothes

On Thursday, People will share several stories from the actor’s past. Among other things, that she underwent a secret and difficult abortion when she was only 18 years old.

In the book, Stone writes that she had just made her sexual debut and that the pregnancy came as a shock to her. It was her first serious boyfriend who made her pregnant, and together they had to embark on a long drive from Pennsylvania, where she grew up, to Ohio to have the abortion performed.

When she returned to her hometown after the operation, she felt very alone.

“I was bleeding everywhere and much more than I should have done, but this was a secret I could not tell anyone,” the book says, according to the website.

‘So I stayed in my room and bled for days. I was weak and scared, and in the end just weak “, she continues.

– Locked me in the bathroom with a bottle of wine

Stone also says she burned the bloody clothes and sheets in a barrel at school when she finally felt better, and then went back to class.

“The tumors were gigantic”

Sharon Stone, who was given the status of a sex symbol after her role as Catherine Tramell in “Basic Instinct” in 1992, has never experienced giving birth to her own children.

Together with her ex-husband Phil Bronstein (70), however, she has an adopted son Ronan (20), and as a single mother she also adopted her sons Laird (15) and Quinn (14).

On Tuesday, the 63-year-old came as mentioned with allegations that a doctor enlarged her breasts without her even knowing about it.

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This event is also described in the autobiography.

It was when the movie star in 2001 removed some tumors in her breasts and then had to undergo reconstructive surgery that the scandal took place.

“The tumors were gigantic. Bigger than the tit itself “, it says in the book, according to People.

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However, after the actress woke up from the operation, she got a bit of a shock.

“When the bandage was taken off, I discovered that I had a whole cup-sized breast. The doctor said “these fit your hips better”. He changed my body without me knowing about it or having given consent “, she writes.

Stone asked questions about the surgeon’s decision, and says that he should have answered her that she “would look better with bigger” finer “tits”.

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