Fiuk tries to speak ill of Juliette and takes cut of Camilla at BBB 21

In a conversation with Camilla de Lucas and Thaís in the colorful room at BBB 21, Fiuk tried to find an opportunity to speak ill of Juliette, but he was interrupted by Camilla and took a cut. The digital influencer said the lawyer was not there to defend herself.

Camilla and Thaís were talking about the scene that Juliette did to sleep in the leader’s room with Viih Tube. “You need to talk”, advised the carioca. Pocah listened and reinforced the blogger’s advice, as he already had a disagreement with Juliette.

Credit: Playback / GloboPlayFiuk tries to speak ill of Juliette and takes cut of Camilla at BBB 21

Fiuk, who was also in the room and has friction with the Paraiba, tried to get into the subject to give his opinion, but got knocked out by Camilla. “Juliette isn’t even here for you to talk bad about her,” she cut off.

After a while, the actor spoke again. “Gee, I was really sad that you were rude to me. All because of Juliette ”, he blamed. “But that’s okay,” he continued. “It was not that. I just don’t think you’re right [Fiuk] speak ill of her while she is not here, that’s all, ”explained Camilla.


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