See reasons that would explain why Marquezine does not assume Enzo – Entertainment

See reasons that would explain why Marquezine does not assume Enzo – Entertainment
See reasons that would explain why Marquezine does not assume Enzo – Entertainment

Bruna Marquezine’s alleged relationship with Enzo Celulari is at the center of the attention of followers who approve of their romance. Although they have already exchanged declarations of love in the comments of some publications on Instagram and having been seen together on trips and outings, the actress and the businessman prefer not to reveal the true status of the relationship.

Even Enzo’s mother, actress Claudia Raia, confirmed in a recent interview with Ana Maria Braga that they “are living a history together”.

But, some reasons could justify the fact that Marquezine does not want to make the relationship with Enzo publicly official. One of them would be overexposure in the media, since she has been in front of the screens since she was a child and had a controversial relationship with Neymar. Check it out below

1. Famous since childhood

Bruna Marquezine has been known all over the country since she was 7 years old, when she played Salete, in the soap opera Women in Love. So, since childhood, she had to deal with exposure related to her personal life and career.

After this work, the actress remained on the small screens, but returned to draw attention in China business, when he was already entering adolescence. From this novel, the public stopped seeing her as a child and became more interested in the artist’s personal life.

2. Controversial dating with Neymar

In February 2013, the artist announced that she was dating the soccer player Neymar Jr. Quickly, the couple’s supporters created fan clubs and the ship “Brumar”, in reference to their names. However, the romance was marked by many comings and goings, as the two moved to different countries when the striker went to play for Barcelona.

Separated, Marquezine and Neymar had other relationships, until they resumed for the last time in 2017. The return did not last long and the actress confirmed the end of the relationship in October 2018. “We finished. It was a decision that came from him. I will ask let this subject not go on, because I don’t normally talk about my personal life, I hope they will be understanding with me.

3. Criticized for being thin

After the criticisms related to the courtship with Neymar, Marquezine started to reserve more on issues related to his personal life. But in September 2018, she decided to counter the nasty comments she received about the body.

The actress said she was called anorexic and said that these messages are not welcome at any time. “Being sincere is different from being clueless and uneducated. If a person asks you your opinion, you must tell the truth. If the person does not ask, you must remain silent. The boring on duty will say that I am a person public, that I posted a photo on Instagram, so people can give their opinion. No. They can’t, “she said.

“I’m not saying that you can’t criticize my photos. But anyone’s photos. If your criticism is to offend, hurt, making that person feel bad about their body, no matter how unintentionally … Be quiet. Do not comment. In any of my subtitles I asked if you think I am beautiful “, he said.

4. Reserved personal life

In an interview with Sabrina Sato, in June last year, Marquezine talked about what it was like to spend his childhood and adolescence in front of the cameras. The actress said she does not like to talk much about life and chooses what she wants to share.

“I was always very reserved, I never shared my personal life all the time, I choose what I feel comfortable sharing or not, so obviously I had moments that I kept for myself, for my friends, close people,” he said. “I lived my youth and I continue to live. I had phases in which I lived my life more intensely out of the spotlight,” he added.

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