BBB 2021: Camilla cries and ventes about disagreement with Rodolffo

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BBB 2021: Camilla de Lucas vented to Pocah and Thaís about her situation with Rodolffo and stated that it is tiring to try daily at home (Image: Reproduction / Globoplay)

During a conversation with Thaís e Pocah, early in the morning of this Saturday (03), no BBB 2021, Camilla, who was outside the house with the sisters, spoke about her disagreement with Rodolffo in the Discord Game.

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For those who do not know, at the time, the sertanejo pointed out to influence as being “hunting like”. In the speech, the singer also affirmed that his sister was always present in some way in the discussions that took place around the confinement

I’m hating in here. This is it in me, that I can’t see a bad person and don’t go ”, said the famous, explaining that she cannot advise a person and then vote for them, because she feels false.

To exemplify, Camilla used a situation she had with Rodolffo: “On the day of his wall, that he went with Carla, I sat next to him, looked him in the eye and said ‘look, Rodolffo, there are things about you that I don’t agree with, but I want to tell you to be at peace ‘. In the end I said ‘if you come back, you can be sure that the game continues’ ”.

“When he said that over there [no jogo da discórdia], I said, ‘man, he’s questioning my attitude’ (…) even when we try to be good in here we get screwed ”he lamented.

“If I go now, he’ll think I’m going to suck up to him”, pointed out the content creator, who revealed that she can no longer look at the singer.

Crying, Camilla said: “We have to prove that it’s not bad (…) I didn’t come here to Big Brother just because of me, if it was for me, I wouldn’t even enter. I came because I have my family, I want to help ”.

After being comforted by Thaís, who stated that her family and friends at home know her truth, the influencer concluded: “It’s tiring. It is very tiring to have to prove all the time that you are not bad ”.

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