BBB 2021: Boyfriend of Camilla de Lucas collapses after seeing the behavior of some people

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BBB 2021: Mateus Ricardo, boyfriend of Camilla de Lucas, made an outburst on Instagram (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

While Lucas stretcher lives situations within the BBB 2021, Matthew Ricardo, sister’s boyfriend, is also having to deal with some things out here. In an outburst on Instagram, the boy revealed that he has seen the approach of interested people.

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This Wednesday (31), Mateus recorded videos for Stories and shot: “Make one thing very clear here because people think that only their mother made a smart child. I am not a bridge to anyone ”.

“If you want to do something with Camilla, go to her profile, have an email, she has advice, she talks to her advice, I’m not a bridge, understand? People have to learn to separate things, Camilla has her hand and I have mine. People want to use me to get close to Camilla ”, said the sister’s boyfriend.

Finally, Mateus still left a piece of advice for Internet users: “Take care of those who approach you, take care of those around you, open your eyes to interested people, who just want to approach you because you have something ”.

The situation is also not easy for Camilla de Lucas at home. According to the Instagram profile of the participant, the influencer was sad during the party this Wednesday (31).

In this last dawn of the party, Camilla cried remembering some events, mainly the game of discord on March 29, Monday, in which she was criticized for being present in situations of conflict, trying to understand other people. She said it hurt her because she felt like she was being judged more for trying to listen to others and analyzing each situation before making a judgment. ”, explained the team of the famous.

Once again, she ‘blamed herself’ for being ‘very good’, as if it were a weakness. Little does she know that, in fact, this attempt to remain coherent, this sense of justice and her loyalty to her and what she herself believes, are some of the biggest reasons why so many people are cheering for her and admiring her character! After crying, she was welcomed by João and Juliette. She is not alone in there, much less out here! ”, completed the page.

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