BBB21: Boninho gives spoiler of the Angel’s Test

At dawn this Saturday (3), Nice gave a spoiler of what the Trial of the Angel will be like.

The director posted on his social networks an image of one of the tests that marked the BBB and was part of the 11th edition.

“Tomorrow we will have an equal or better proof of the angel”, he wrote. In the image, we can see the first proof of the BBB11 leader, which aimed to make the brothers hang from a soda bottle and move from one platform to another ”, he said.

BBB21: Boninho and Ana Furtado ‘take the wave’ from the Leader’s test

This Friday morning (2), Ana Furtado and Boninho played with the BBB 2 resistance test, on TV Globo.

On Instagram, the presenter published a video in which she and her husband appear dancing in light clothes and sneakers.

“And follow the leader’s test in full swing !!!”, she wrote in the caption.

In the dynamic for leadership inside the house, which has been going on for over 11 hours, participants need to remain dancing on a dance floor outside the house, while the music is playing. When the sound stops, a timer starts counting the time the brothers have to put together a puzzle.


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