Carla Zampatti is dead

Carla Zampatti is dead
Carla Zampatti is dead

On Saturday, Australian designer Carla Zampatti died. She turned 78 years old.

The designer was at the premiere of “La Traviata” at the Sydney Opera House. During the visit, she fell down a flight of stairs, and therefore ended up at St. Vincent Hospital, where she died a week later. It writes The Guardian.

Zampatti created its own design brand in 1965, and has dressed up a number of famous people over the years.

Found dead under rubbish

Among others, Princess Mary of Denmark, former Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard and actress Nicole Kidman have gone into her designs.

On Instagram, the family has written a word of remembrance.

“Carla Zampatti is Australia’s most successful and enduring fashion designer, having launched her brand in 1965. Carla has long been hailed for making Australian women feel confident and elegant through her exceptional design, craftsmanship and understanding of the killer woman.” , they write.

The designer leaves behind the three children Alexander Schuman, Bianca Spender and Allegra Spender.

She was married twice, to Leo Schuman and John Spender, but divorced the latter in 2010.

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Among those who remember Zampatti is the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison.

“We have really lost a great and inspiring Australian. Carla was an icon in the fashion industry, a pioneer as an entrepreneur and a hero for multicultural Australia. It was a great honor to know her. She was a very kind, strong, elegant and honest woman. She will be missed by family, friends and everyone she inspired “, he writes in a statement according to the newspaper.

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