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Daily horoscope (04/04): Check today’s forecast for your sign

Waning Moon in Capricorn

The Waning Moon enters Capricorn, asking us for emotional maturation, emptying of excesses and discipline to deal with the emotional terrain. Seek interiorization, calm down, recognize your own limits. A more realistic look at life.

RIES (Born between 3/21 and 4/20)

Your emotions today ask you for restraint, self-control, to be in control of yourself. This will assist you with the demands of practical life, routine, work and health. Some professional situations call for more detachment, letting go. Use your wisdom to experience the best of this area of ​​life.

BULL (Born between 21/4 and 20/5)

Your emotions ask you for wisdom regarding your beliefs, lifestyle and faith. Know how to direct everything according to what you know to be the most correct and aligned your conscience, but without forcing the bar. Tranquility also to reassess this area and possible changes. Follow the flow of life and be committed to faith in yourself.

GMEOS (Born between 5/21 and 6/20)

Your deep emotions need to be analyzed and matured today. Understand feelings of rejection, fear, insecurity. A more mature and pragmatic look will be very useful. It will be necessary to allow the purification of old and stagnant emotions. You will also have insight into issues of joint values ​​and dependency.

CNCER (Born between 6/21 and 7/21)

It will be necessary to face the restrictions and harshness in relationships with a greater tone of wisdom, limits and detachment. Understand that the other has its own limitations and difficulties, just as you have yours. A more rational and objective look helps a lot in solving emotional problems. Detached dedication to the like.

LEO (Born between 7/22 and 8/22)

Routines, material tasks and health can demand you emotionally today. Learn to be less reactive and wiser about what to do. Do what needs to be done. A more pragmatic vision will help you to overcome these demands with more tranquility. Let material life flow without so much control.

VIRGIN (Born between 8/23 and 9/22)

His emotions ask him for more authenticity and expression of his own authority, but all this with wisdom, calm and discernment. Establishing your own space and expressing your ideas will be important, but especially the recognition of your authority internally. Let go of childish attitudes and seek expression of your matured wisdom.

LIBRA (Born between 9/23 and 10/22)

Family, past or emotional issues can be very demanding today. Learn to be more mature to look at yourself and such issues. Even if there are difficulties, be resilient and have patience. Let go of old grievances and questions passed on wisely. There is an invitation to emotional maturity, letting go of childish or very emotional attitudes.

SCORPIO (Born between 10/23 and 11/21)

Emotions work in the mental field, but you need to know how to restrain yourself to say what is really useful and useful. Seek the wisdom of communication centered and expressed with emotional maturity. Good morning to discipline the mind for calm and relaxation. Try to understand subjective motivations with reason.

SAGITRIO (Born between 11/22 and 12/21)

Material and practical issues may be sensitive and affect you emotionally, but you will need to have a more pragmatic and detached look at this sphere of life. Excellent for regeneration, rest. Enjoy material life and its pleasures, even when in simplicity. Let it flow and trust the process.

CAPRICRNIO (Born between 12/22 and 1/20)

The Waning Moon in its sign (solar or ascending) brings out its unconscious issues so that they can be cleaned and reorganized. The process calls for personal transformation, using its natural qualities of discipline, respect for limits, pragmatism and realism. Use these qualities, especially today. Be in a more contemplative and interiorizing place.

AQURIO (Born between 1/21 and 2/19)

Unconscious and spiritual issues are well mobilized today. It will take discipline to deal with such issues. Focus on therapeutic, meditative and spiritual processes. Let go of old, stagnant emotions that don’t do you any good. Maturation in the emotional and spiritual connection. Recycling bad habits and attitudes.

FISH (Born between 2/20 and 3/20)

Your emotions about your social life, friendships and groups are mobilized today. Learn to better establish the boundaries between yourself and others. Waning asks you to have the lightness to let go of what no longer contributes to your process. Analyze friendships and relationships with groups with more wisdom and less reactivity.

Igomer Henrique astrologer for 15 years, also acting as holistic therapist in the modalities of reiki, ayurvedic massage, applied kinesiology, homeopathy, florals, tar and numerology. He teaches courses in the holistic area. Contacts: Instagram @epifaniasdevenus / Email [email protected]

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