All Together Now Kids: Margarida Rotilo wins, but generates discord: “Completely unfair …”

This Friday, April 2, TVI premiered the special version of ‘All Together Now’ dedicated to the youngest.

‘All Together Now’ Kids debuted this Friday, April 2nd on TVI. A special version dedicated to the youngest and that has won Margarida Rotilo, as the first big winner. Victoria and Francisca were the remaining finalists.

Several of the spectators agreed with the young competitor’s victory. “Sing Margarida very well”, “Great winner” and “perfect !!! all were amazing !!! Happy birthday”, are some examples.

“It would be unfair to say that the girl did not deserve to win. And he deserved it. It has talent, it has it! But I continue to say that these types of programs should have an age limit. You cannot compare a small Vitória with only 10 years old and a Margarida with 14, where you can clearly see and hear that Margarida already has more experience and work on tuning and vocal control. If you are an All Together Now Kids, then set a maximum age limit of up to 12 years! And do an All Together Now Teenagers from the age of 12, ”said another internet user.

Congratulations Margarida! Next, sign up for the adults edition!“, Wrote musician David Antunes.

However, many viewers found Margarida Rotilo’s victory unfair. “COMPLETELY UNFAIR !!!!!”, “Won the most mainstream, did you deserve it? No, he didn’t deserve it ”,“ Every week there are injustices. I don’t see it anymore! ”, “Ridiculous. Indeed, Portugal is still a very small country in terms of musical culture ”and“ Unfair Victoria deserved to have sung a lot and, moreover, opera ”, you can read in the comment box of the publication below.

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