“Hell’s Kitchen”. Ana Sofia on Ljubomir Stanisic: “You realized I wasn’t right there” – Television

Ana Sofia, 32, was the competitor kicked out of “Hell´s Kitchen” last Sunday, March 28, after Ljubomir Stanisic considered that she did not give enough support to the red team during the group event and also because she was a of participants with less experience in the kitchen.

Between taking care of the animals and preparing the orders for her restaurant, the resident of Sabugal, Guarda, took a few minutes to talk to MAGG about her short journey in the SIC program. She started by revealing that she brought knowledge and good friends, so much so that Jennifer, also a competitor of that program, will help her with customer orders for this Easter.

“Despite the pressure, I am sorry that, when we are cooking in the program, we ended up not taking advantage of the moment. But there is a lot of evolution,” says Ana Sofia, referring to the knowledge she has already managed to apply in her restaurant, Domingos Ambrose.

As for the early departure of the Paço de Arcos station format, the cheesemaker and shepherdess also guarantees that “it was at the right time” and reveals that adapting to the hellish cuisine of “Hell’s Kitchen” was the most difficult. “I didn’t know most of the equipment and I’m used to a more traditional kitchen”, frieze.

He does not consider it unfair to have lost his place in the competition to Daniela, a competitor who also says he has little experience, and says that chef Ljubomir Stanisic had the sensitivity to realize that he was already needing to leave the program. “I don’t think my departure was unfair, it was at the right time. I already needed to leave.”

And Ana Sofia continued: “He [ Ljubomir Stanisic] realized that I was not right there. I was not doing well in the last days of filming. And a person like him, who is sensitive, realizes this. I have a good opinion of the chef “.

The atmosphere in the house was “good” … but not with everyone

During the recording of “Hell’s Kitchen”, the 16 contestants remained closed in a house. There, they shared not only the space, but also made themselves known to each other. The cheese maker tells MAGG that the “atmosphere in the house was good” and that all colleagues helped and supported her.

“I was always very fond of them and explained to them that I felt lost, that I had no training. I always had a hug and support,” recalls the former competitor of Sabugal, adding that she believes that there is a space in the kitchen for everyone and that every cook must know how to perform his function.

With whom the good atmosphere was not verified, it was with Raúl, the first participant expelled from Ljubomir Stanisic’s infernal cuisine. “Raúl and I are very different, we can look at the same point and still see the world differently”, shoots Ana Sofia.

As to who might be the winner of the format, the cheesemaker seems to have some doubts. Still, he guarantees that from the red team the competitors that can reach the final are Francisca, Rute or Cândida.

Cheese business doesn’t go well

According to her, the restaurant she inherited from her grandfather, Domingos Ambrósio, who has already died, has occupied more than 90% of his time. Orders reach him in bulk, and, as mentioned above, he will even have the help of colleague Jennifer in order to cope with the volume of orders he received for Easter.

“The goat business and cheese production is a little unstable. We are hoping that this will [a pandemia da COVID-19] improve. The restaurant is more active now with the take away “, reveals Ana Sofia to MAGG, adding that in the past it was the goat business that earned her the most money.

For now, Ana Sofia does not intend to expand the business or start selling cheeses online. He wants to remain faithful to the traditional business, which he inherited from his grandfather, in which the welfare of the animals and the care in making the products are preserved.

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