Arthur says he fears canceled because he was ignored by Tiago Leifert

After complaining to Gilberto, Arthur vented to Pocah, in the colorful room of “BBB 21”, during the dawn of today, about being ignored by Tiago Leifert for his performance in the tenth leading event of the Rede Globo reality show.

I was really upset when Tiago didn’t say anything, you know? I stayed the same time as she (Viih in the leader’s test) and he didn’t say anything, nor congratulations. For me, it makes a difference, even more because of the way it was. In the end, I reassured Viih. That question of him talking so much about fair play and didn’t say anything about my participation in the parade. It was the proof that took the longest in editing. I expected at least a little joke or something. I’m already saturated inside. The guy only spoke to me when I went to the walls.

“When you were a leader too,” added Pocah.

Arthur went on to say that he saw that the way he was treated by the presenter of “Big Brother Brasil 21” could even mean possible public rejection with him.

He spoke, but it was in that audio ‘beauty, blah blah blah and show’. Made the protocol. Yesterday, every party of the leader he says: ‘so, did you like the party?’ And he didn’t say anything, you know? I’m just like Gil. I already think I’m a shit out there. The guys hate me. But I’m fine.

Pocah then advised his confining colleague not to get attached to the fact that he was experiencing mixed emotions within the game.

Keep calm. We are already going through everything in here that only we know what it is like to be here. Anything we get is already annoyed.

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