BBB21: Caio loses part of his penis and Boninho detonates: “Lack of notion”

Caio, from BBB21, tried to trim the intimate hairs after the leader’s test, but ended up cutting himself and losing part of the penis skin (Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo)

The participant cut part of the penile skin in an attempt to trim the intimate hairs

Caio Afiune starred in an unusual scene at dawn on Friday, the 2nd. This is because the participant of the BBB21 ended up cutting part of the penis while trying to shave.

For those who did not see, when leaving the test of the leader, the brother took advantage of the fact that the house was empty and went to trim the intimate hair. However, the result did not go as expected. “I went to cut a little hair from the groin with the machine and pulled a splinter from the leather of the stick. It turned white and is now bleeding, ”Caio told Fiuk.

Caio at BBB21 (Photo: Playback / TV Globo)
Boninho, the director of BBB21, made fun of Caio after his brother cut himself in an attempt to shave (Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo)

Boninho, director of BBB21, makes fun of Goiano’s face

After the event, the big boss of the reality show used social media to make fun of Bastião’s face. He published a photo of his brother complaining about unsuccessful hair removal and it was funny.

“We know that Gillette [patrocinadora do BBB21] hit a ball with Gilberto’s beard, but Caio forced it! [risos]”Said the big boss, interacting with internet users on his profile.

However, the platform guidelines excluded his posting. “Instagram blocked my publication because it thought it was sexual content. Gringo doesn’t understand that this is just a lack of concept and hygiene, imagine how much hair on the floor. Look, Instagram, more humor please! ”Detonated Boninho.

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