– Must focus on myself – VG

– Must focus on myself – VG
– Must focus on myself – VG

DISPUTED: Armie Hammer at the Film Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica in 2019. Photo: Jordan Strauss / AP

Film star Armie Hammer (34) has made his first statement in many months.

Published:Less than 40 minutes ago

It happens in connection with the fact that he has now withdrawn from the Broadway production “The Minutes”.

Broadway reports on their websites that “Armie Hammer has withdrawn for personal reasons.”

Then follows the following statement from Hammer himself:

«I have loved every second I have worked on “The Minutes” with the family I have created from Steppenwolf», He says and refers to the production staff and director Trazy Letts.

«But right now I need to focus on my own health for the sake of the family», Adds the divorced father of two.

«The result is that I’ll not be performing on Broadway with this production», It sounds further in Hammer’s explanation.

Armie Hammers ex-wife: – I’m shocked and crushed

The snowball began to roll in the new year when what are allegedly private Instagram messages of a very dubious nature were spread to the public.

Hammer stated – when the case broke in the media – that he “will not comment on the bullshit allegations”.

«But in light of the vicious and false cyberattacks on me, I can not in good conscience now travel from my children for four months to shoot a movie in the Dominican Republic», It sounded in a statement when he resigned from the first film job.

Since then, it has been quiet from Hammer, and it has only gone downhill with his career.

The 34-year-old has lost one job after another. Most recently five days ago, it became clear that he is out of the thriller “The Billion Dollar Spy”, where he was to play against Danish Mads Mikkelsen (55).

It was recently announced that Hammer is being investigated for sexual assault, the actor himself accuses of refusing to vote.

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