BBB 2021: Fiuk talks about reusing pasta that fell into the sink

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Fiuk causes by reusing pasta that fell into the sink (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

Fiuk again irritated netizens with an attitude in the BBB 2021. Many people on Twitter did not like to see the singer, who was cooking in the VIP space, picking up pasta that fell into the sink to be reused.

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At the time, the actor made pasta and, after finishing cooking the pasta, prepared to drain it in the sink. He then took a colander and placed it inside the space. Then he held the pan in which the pasta was and made the gesture of pouring the contents into the colander.

After placing all the contents of the pot on the drying rack, Fiuk raised the pot to remove it from the sink. When making this movement, however, he hit the side of the object on the colander, which fell.

The brother, who was alone in space, decided to take advantage of the fallen dough, putting it back in the pan. When part of the pasta was back in the pot, he also took the rest of the food, which was still in the sink drain, put it back in the colander, rinsed it again and put it all in the participants’ lunch pot.

Several netizens, then, were disgusted by the singer’s attitude and outraged to see him taking the pasta from the sink drain.

“After that, Fiuk for me can calmly break Karol Conka’s record. Take the pasta that fell in the sink and put it back in the colander ”, observed a viewer.

“My God, I want to DIE. The Fiuk spilled noodles down the sink when it was drained and threw it back into the pot. I’m feeling sick with disgust ”, declared another. “I wanted to be able to unveil the Fiuk scene by taking pasta out of the drain”, said one more.

See the moment and the repercussions:

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