BBB21: ‘It’s better than everyone’, Rodolffo analyzes sister

The Leader Test has already passed 10 hours and, for now, Rodolffo, Arthur, Gilberto, João, Juliette and Viih continue to dance on the track.

At one point, Arthur and Rodolffo were talking.

“Hold on,” said Arthur to the countryman.

Rodolffo analyzed: “Anyway, Ju is better than everyone. Since yesterday. I think that if we leave, they can deliver more friendly to her too”.


This Thursday (01) another Race of the Leader began, the C&A Dance Marathon. A dispute that involves resistance and agility.

The brothers were supposed to be dancing all the time on the dance floor. “Dance like there’s no tomorrow,” he said Tiago Leifert.

When the music stopped, they would need to assemble a puzzle with 4 pieces, based on a template displayed on the screen and within the stipulated time. Once everything was correct, they should press the button and stop their time.

Eliminates from the test those who do not assemble their template correctly; if you do not meet the time limit; if you don’t get back on track in time and stop dancing. The last one to leave the track gains the leadership and another 12 thousand reais in products from the department store.

The test should end until the program this Friday (02). If this does not happen, there will be a test round with the resistant, where whoever presses the button first will be the winner.



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