And now Netflix? Disney + series becomes most popular in 2021

In the era of streaming, comparing audience is a little tricky. However, different companies try to do this in order to discover those that are the series of the moment.

Forbes shared data from Parrot Analytics and said that Falcão and the Winter Soldier became the most popular series of the moment. The Marvel series would have surpassed Attack on Titan.

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The dispute may even draw attention, since it does not involve Netflix productions. The platform is a leader when it comes to streaming services.

Despite the assertion, the data are on demand interest. Data collection is done from various sources of information, such as social networks, Youtube and peer-to-peer downloads.

The data is impressive. Forbes points out that Falcão and the Winter Soldier beat Attack on Titan after the second episode, on March 27.

Compared to WandaVision, the new Captain America series at Marvel has more demand when the same release period is analyzed.

Although there is no comparison by official figures, this can be a point of attention not only for Disney +, but also for competition such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Generally, Netflix dominates these rankings. Disney seems to be able to cope with the acclaimed franchises.

As it comes to the new Captain America, many names return in the series in addition to the characters in the title. The characters, of course, are from the hero films in the MCU.

Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan return to reprise the roles of Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The series promises to reveal the new Captain America when it comes to an end – possibly being the Falcon, who receives the shield in Avengers: Endgame.

Baron Zemo is also back after serving as a villain in Phase 3 Captain America: Civil War. The same goes for Agent 13, or Sharon Carter.

Emily VanCamp and Daniel Brühl return as the characters. Meanwhile, Wyatt Russell is the American Agent. The character is the choice of the United States government to be the new Captain America.

Apparently, the two Avengers heroes will have to come together to save the world and Captain America’s legacy from that government choice.

Hawk and the Winter Soldier is available on Disney +.

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