Boninho pronounces himself after Caio Afiune hurt his penis at BBB 21

BBB 21 director, Boninho used Twitter to pronounce Caio Afiune’s most recent incident in reality. The Anapolino farmer injured his penis during an intimate waxing at dawn on Friday (02).

“Attention, Gillette does not work miracles or comes with night vision”, he joked when remembering that days ago the participant Gilberto went viral when shaving dry with the product and not getting hurt.

Earlier, in conversation with Fiuk, Caio gave details of what happened and complained of pain. “I went to cut a little hair from the groin with the machine and pulled a splinter from the leather of the stick. It was white and now it is bleeding ”.

The singer was shocked by the farmer’s revelation. “Wow, old man. Did you make a dressing? ”He asked. Caio denied it and said he used a cream to try to stop the blood.

“No, I put a cream over there to see if it fits. It’s burning old. It’s bleeding and look, I just cleaned it. The bug went white at the time ”.

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