Pocah cries when talking about desire to win the test of the angel

In the colorful room of the “BBB 21”, during the dawn of today, Pocah burst into tears in conversation with Arthur when talking about the desire to win the proof of the reality show Rede Globo angel to receive a video of his family.

Tomorrow it looks like the last angel, right? I wanted it so much, Arthur. My God, only you know how much I wanted it.

“Do you know what you have to do tomorrow? Get up for the X-ray and don’t lie down anymore,” advised Arthur.

Pocah says he will prepare well for the test and hope that God has ‘written’ that it is his time to overcome the dynamics of “Big Brother Brasil 21”.

No, I’m going to sleep early. I want God’s will to prevail. It is no use dreaming about something that is not in God’s plans, you know? But I really wanted to live it.

“As I said, when we really want something and I play for the universe. Of course, I’m not going to plant beans and want to harvest rice, but you’re doing it wherever you go. You hit the post already,” suggested Arthur.

“A lot, I hit the post a lot … I will wake up, meditate and hope that everything will work out. I don’t know what the test will be”, concluded Pocah.

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After Sarah’s elimination, who deserves to win the program?

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Globo / João Cotta


Globo / João Cotta


Globo / João Cotta


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Globo / João Cotta

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