Juliette regrets seeing Pocah and Gil excluded from the xepa group

In the “BBB 21” vip kitchen, during the dawn of today, the formation of the xepa and vip groups was the subject of debate between Pocah, Viih Tube, Camilla de Lucas and Juliette pointed out that Gilberto and Pocah were excluded from the network’s reality show Globe.

“All the boys and Pocah stayed,” said Juliette. Viih Tube, responsible for the formation of the groups, was also surprised. “Wow, Pocah is the only woman, right?”, He asked.

Julietten then recalled that she also experienced a similar situation in recent formations of the VIP group in which she remained as the only woman in the shape.

And it’s horrible, see? I’ve already been like this. I already looked bad when it was just me and her. It’s bad, you can’t leave her alone, no. The person feels excluded.

In the sequence, the sister also pointed out that Gilberto is in a bad situation in the xepa for having friction with Rodolffo. “Gil is also in the lions’ den, because the boy is upset with him, Rodolffo”, he commented.

Viih Tube, then, says that the brother himself fixed the confusion with Rodolffo by referring him to the wall even though he was an ally in the game. “But I wouldn’t vote for him, no,” he poked. “I’m talking about being excluded,” explains the lawyer.

Camilla de Lucas brought the theme back to Pocah and says the feeling of exclusion is really bad. “I imagine that Pocah understands, but still the person is a little sad”, finished.

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