BBB 2021: Caio hurts his private part after trying to shave and complains of pain

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Caio hurts his intimate part after trying to shave at BBB 2021 and complains of pain (Image: Reproduction / Globoplay)

At the end of Thursday night (1) another Test of the Leader began in the BBB 2021 and once again asked for resistance from competitors to the most desired position in Globo’s reality show. Caio it didn’t take so long to give up and went to try to trim the hair on the private parts, but it didn’t work out very well.

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The farmer left the race and went to shave his groin and accidentally cut off part of the skin on his penis. According to the report itself, in the Fourth Cordel, this genital accident ended up causing him pain: “I went to cut a little hair from the groin with the machine and pulled a splinter from the leather of the stick. It turned white and now it’s bleeding”.

Fiuk was shocked by the revelation and asked if the confining colleague did anything to remedy this inconvenience: “Wow, old man. Did you dress?”. Caio said he hadn’t done anything like that and just used a cream to try to stop the blood that came out.

No, I put a cream over there to see if it fits. It’s burning old. It’s bleeding”, Fired the Goiano, still with this urgent problem. Fábio Jr’s son lamented: “Shit, Tião”.

Finally, Pipoca’s brother also noticed that his intimate part had no blood circulation: “It’s bleeding, bro, and look, I just cleaned it. The bug went white at the time”.

Still in that same vibe, a few weeks ago, Caio surprised Rodolffo with a very curious question: “It is a medical study that I wanted to understand … Why is my dick so soft and so big hard?”.

The sertanejo singer didn’t give much thought to his friend’s confession and listened more, including talking about an erection at the time H: “Really! Really rock! I wanted to understand this element of surprise, if someone looks at it small, it doesn’t hurt at all. Like: ‘Wow, how big’”.

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