Paulo Gustavo’s father asks for prayers for his son: ‘Painful struggle’

Júlio Marcos, Paulo Gustavo’s father, shared a photo to comment on the health status of his son, who is hospitalized due to the covid-19. He also took the opportunity to ask the actor’s fans for prayers.

In this moment when the whole planet is so sad, we need to leverage and raise our faith! In particular, our friend Paulo Gustavo, is facing an arduous and painful struggle!

The actor’s father also thanked the followers for their support at this moment and hoped that Paulo Gustavo could recover quickly.

Each with their faith, religion, belief, but most of all, a lot of energy! At that moment, our friend will receive, with all of us together in prayer, a shower of blessings and the angels will help him to recover and win this very tough battle!

In a note sent to Twitter yesterday, Paulo Gustavo’s team reported that he had “more evident signs of recovery of lung function” in the previous 48 hours. The statement also thanks fans for their support during the recovery.

Yesterday, Tatá Werneck also asked for prayers for Paulo Gustavo on social networks. The actor has been hospitalized since March 13 with covid-19 in Rio de Janeiro. On Wednesday (31), Déa Lúcia, the artist’s mother, asked for his return home.


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