“inside is without information”

“inside is without information”
“inside is without information”

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Rodolffo talks to Pocah (Playback / Globoplay)

In conversation with Pocah at dawn this Thursday (1st), the singer Rodolffo, one of the participants in the Big Brother Brasil 21, stated that the lack of information in the interior of Brazil is still very strong, referring to social issues.

The famous, who was recently accused of being sexist with Fiuk for wearing dresses, decided to share some of his experiences with cases of racism and homophobia in the interior of Goiás, where he lives.

According to Rodolffo he has contact with many prejudiced people and believes that it is necessary for the most educated people to be careful when passing on information.

“There are five friends of mine who have never lived in a capital, who still live in the countryside. You go out there vomiting machismo, racism, homophobia. I’m serious about you. Brazil, in the interior, still has a lot of information ”.

“People need to have a lot of patience to teach the people in the countryside and the people who are coming. I have friends of mine, the same age as me, that I have overcome many things of racism, homophobia and machismo that are still stuck in them because they are still living in the countryside and have less information than the people who are on the street, living in a capital and running, ”said the sertanejo.

Upon hearing the colleague’s outburst, Pocah stated that also without similar experiences, for living with people in your family who still do not understand some aspects of today.

“I can’t put it in your throat, I’m not that kind of person […] When I see that it is intentional, it is not unintentional, then I arm myself and I don’t want to know ”, replied the sister.

The singer even again spoke of Rodolffo’s case of machismo in the last week and stated that he has suffered a lot with similar situations. Pocah said he has already lost LGBT friends and who was widely criticized for also loving dressing in men’s clothes early in her career.

“When I told you that Brazil is the country that kills the most LGBT people in the world… I already lost many friends. So, clothes don’t define gender, men wear dresses … I wear men’s clothes, I like it. When I started to sing, even, I always wore clothes … I liked to wear baggy pants and then they called me masculine. They said I was a lesbian. I didn’t fit the funky pattern, ”said the sister.

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