“Gossip Girl”: – “Secret” detail attracts attention

It has been almost nine years since the hit series “Gossip Girl” rolled across the TV screens. The last episode aired in December 2012, and thus was six seasons of youth quarrels, lavish luxury and drama history.

And not least, the TV audience finally got to know who the mysterious “Gossip Girl” turned out to be – the anonymous blogger who provided one scandalous post after another about the rich and famous youth gang on Manhattan’s best western edge.

The “Gossip Girl” star is pregnant

It was Dan Humphrey – played by Penn Badgley (34) – who was “Gossip Girl”. In fact, the creators of the series strongly hinted that he was already in the first episode.

The most eager “Gossip Girl” fans may be aware of this already, but a video clip with the for some surprising “revelation” has recently gone viral on the video app TikTok, writes Cosmopolitan.

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In the first episode, Humphrey is seen sitting in front of a computer at the same time as the “Gossip Girl” voice says: “And who am I? It’s a secret I’ll never tell.

Therefore, it should perhaps not come as a surprise when in the last episode it turns out to be precisely he who has been behind the anonymous blog through all the years.

The creators of the series have admittedly revealed that they had not decided that Dan should be “Gossip Girl” when the series began to roll across the screen. That decision was made later.

The “Gossip Girl” star became a father

– I thought it was Eric van der Woodsen until the end of season two, and I also arranged for it to be like that, said screenwriter Joshua Safran to Vulture in 2017.

– But when the New York Post revealed that it was Eric – I still do not know how they got to know it, I think maybe they were just guessing – we realized that we could not hold him anymore, and then we left him, he added.

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In 2019, it became clear that the streaming service HBO Max had ordered ten brand new “Gossip Girl” episodes. According to Deadline, filming began in New York in November last year, after being postponed due to the pandemic.

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In this way, Norwegians can save NOK 4.25 billion in interest costs

According to HBO Max, the episodes will be televised during 2021.

Actor Kristen Bell will continue to have the narrator’s voice, but the rest of the actors have been replaced with new faces.

Makes the internet boil with special detail

The upcoming season will pick up the thread eight years after the original gossip blog was put to death. Now there is a new generation of teenagers who get to know what it means to live during the “Gossip Girls” X-ray look.

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