BBB21: Caio accuses Juliette of attacking rivals using things that cause “mimimi” in the public: “It makes me scared”; watch!

Juliette follows another day being the main concern of brothers in the “BBB 21”. On the afternoon of this Thursday (1st), in a conversation with Arthur, Caio articulated votes against Paraibana for the next wall. In addition, he accused the makeup artist of attacking her rivals using guidelines that “cause mimimi” in the public, saying she was afraid of her for that. Look!

In the leader’s room, Arthur recalled a recent disagreement with Juliette, after directing her to the wall last Sunday (28). That was when Caio wanted to know if he would have the courage to do that again. “And you risk going again, right? Are you going to vote for who if you are not a leader? ”asked the farmer. “Truth”, replied the crossfiteiro. “Aren’t you going to vote for her?”insisted the Goiano. “Likely”, said the last leader, in agreement with the bastion: “I probably will too”.

Already at the leader’s lunch, alongside Pocah and Arthur, Caio took the opportunity to question Juliette’s justifications on the last wall. “How do you explain that she pulled Rodolffo over that wall?”, he said. “She said it was because he voted for her and I was on the side. When she left, I said to Rodolffo: ‘I voted for her too, that she knows, I had a big fight with her and even then she didn’t pull me’. I didn’t understand that account ”, he mentioned.

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While everyone expressed their doubts and criticisms about Juliette’s attitudes, the farmer went on: “I don’t know if she thought he [Rodolffo] it could be half burned out there, or whatever she might have thought, that’s fine. But with that justification… I honestly thought she was going to pull either Fiuk or me ”, he assumed. “Even more because of the connection she had with Rodolffo. She never had a fight with Rodolffo, or a fight. Nothing”concluded Caio. Arthur and Pocah agreed with the brother and complemented their arguments.


Then, the moment came when Caio made more serious accusations to the lawyer. “She keeps looking for the things that give me the most ‘mimimi’ out there to attack someone in here”, Caio fired, referring to the discussions that address topics such as homophobia, machismo and hunger. “She tried to attack Fiuk with the starvation business, she tried to attack this business maybe mine with this woman business”, he quoted about the couscous fights and the incident reported by him in the last game of discord.

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“She tried to attack Arthur”said Caio. He was complemented by the leader: “With Carla’s business”. “Saying that he made a woman cry and feel bad”, stated the bastion. “These are details that may not be with this intention, but it makes me afraid of what happens. Whether it is for want or not, I am afraid ”, admitted the brother during the conversation with the duo.

Jeez… Juliette is on the straight! When the wick shortens even more, this bomb will soon explode… We can already smell the fire on the playground!

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