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EXPERIENCE: Nick Loeb and Sofia Vergara at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles in 2013. Photo: John Shearer / AP

Nick Loeb (45) can never again apply for another woman to carry the embryos he and Sofia Vergara (48) froze before the break.

It was determined by the court in Los Angeles on Monday this week, according to People.

When Vergara and Loeb broke off their engagement in 2014, it ended in an argument over two frozen embryos, which were stored in connection with in vitro fertilization shortly beforehand.

Before freezing the fertilized eggs, the two must have entered into an agreement that all future use must be approved by both. It is this agreement that Loeb has repeatedly in recent years, in various courts, tried to get reversed.

He was most recently rejected at the end of January this year – but took advantage of a very last opportunity to appeal. Now this too has ended in defeat. The court has once and for all ruled that Loeb, who is a businessman, cannot use the eggs without Vergara’s approval.

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According to court documents, the couple has twice tried to become parents with the help of a surrogate mother, without success. Loeb’s wish after the fracture has been for another woman to try to carry the embryos, which are kept at a clinic in Beverly Hills.

He also claims that he and Vergara later entered into a verbal agreement that he could use the eggs in the future. She has denied this, and the court did not believe it either.

MARRIED: Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles in 2016. Foto: Dimitrios Kambouris / GETTY IMAGES

The judge made it clear on Monday that any further attempt by Loeb to have the eggs implanted would be an offense.

It does not matter. Vergara, who a year and a half after the breakup married actor Joe Manganiello (44), went to court in 2017 to prevent the ex-fiancé from ever getting the right to the embryos.

Vergara, who has an adult son from a previous marriage, was for many years the biggest attraction in the TV series “Modern Family”. When the commission ended last spring, Vergara got a new job as a judge in “America’s Got Talent”.

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