Jacira, Gil’s mother, says her son was ‘more serious’ at home

Jacira Santana is getting to know new aspects of Gilberto at BBB 21. Her brother’s mother took part in the “Meeting” with Fátima Bernardes this morning and commented that she never saw her son drink – until he joined the program.

He didn’t drink before, I never saw him. So, he is very spontaneous.

The Pernambuco woman also commented that Gil, at home, was more “thoughtful”.

Here he was very serious, at home, with me. Maybe he was ashamed or afraid, but with me he was serious. He danced, sang his operas, but always a little thoughtful.

She added:

Drink not even think! I wanted to drink my beer here and he said no.

Jacira also commented that, outside the reality show, Gil was always studying.

He just liked books. He had few friends, they had to be studying with him. Then he arrived at BBB and “vru”.

Despite noticing the behavioral changes inside the house, Jacira said that the program was a great opportunity for her son.

I think he wanted to be like that all his life and he didn’t have the opportunity that the program gave him. Then he had the opportunity to show who he is.

Gil’s mother also commented that she sees her son’s friendship with Sarah, the last one eliminated, and Juliette as a sibling relationship:

Sometimes a fight, but it is such a big love. And now when one left I think he was too sorry.

She has not yet hesitated to speak to anyone who wants to the final: Gil, Juliette and João.

Who is the most hated participant in the “BBB 21” house?

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