Paola Carosella tells how she met her husband and reveals work at Globo

Paola Carosella tells how she met her husband and reveals work at Globo
Paola Carosella tells how she met her husband and reveals work at Globo

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Paola Carosella in an interview with Conversa with Bial (Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo)

Ex-juror of MasterChef, Paola Carosella opened up the game about his personal life and told how she met her husband, Jason Lowe. In addition, she talked about the work of the beloved and revealed that he has already produced Globo’s soap opera opening.

In an interview with the program Conversa with Bial, which aired at dawn on Thursday (01), the chef de cuisine exposed her husband’s work at Globo. He was responsible for opening A Dona do Pedaço, Walcyr Carrasco’s nine o’clock soap opera aired in 2019.

“He lived in London and works as a photographer and film director. He opened a soap opera by Globo, the soap opera in which Juliana Paes was a cake maker, ”said Paola during the interview with Pedro Bial.

Passion at first sight by Paola Carosella

During the interview, the former MasterChef explained that it all started when she was about to split up and an editor wanted to make a book with her. The chef, then, decided to complicate the mission and chose a photographer in London, precisely Jason, saying that he would refuse the work and that the project of the book did not go ahead. But the professional accepted the project and still won her heart.

I fell in love at first sight with Jason. When I opened the door the day he arrived at the house, there was an arrow that was stunning. And I think for him, too, because we’ve been together for seven years, ”he said.

Asked about the quarantine during the pandemic, Paola Carosella said that her husband felt the most. “We all freaked out at some point. But we’re fine. Jason freaked out at the beginning because he loves to travel, he traveled the whole world. When he understood he was in lockdown, he went crazy ”, he confessed.

She, however, said that everything is calmer at home now. “But now [Jason] is doing a vegetable garden in the garden, there are bees. Now we have a TV show, he is speaking Portuguese. He doesn’t stop doing things ”, he declared.

Success in MasterChef, Paola left the culinary reality in mid-January to dedicate itself exclusively to his private businesses, which are experiencing a moment of expansion.

“I am very honored to have participated in this incredible project called MasterChef na Band. Here I am and will always be at my home. But right now my company needs my time and full dedication. For my dear colleagues, for all those who follow and attend MasterChef and for the direction of Band and Endemol, my thanks and my fans always ”, commented the chef at the time.

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