Logan Paul comments on the romance rumors – VG

Logan Paul comments on the romance rumors – VG
Logan Paul comments on the romance rumors – VG

CONNECTED: Several have wondered if the American influencers have found the tones together. Photo: AFP / Alberto E. Rodriguez // Pa Photos / Janet Gough

The controversial youtuber has been linked with ticker addict Addison Rae after they have been seen together recently. Rae has previously denied the rumors.

20-year-old Addison Rae is one of the world’s largest on TikTok. After she announced the break-up with Bryce Hall (21) last week, several have wondered if she has been with youtuber Logan Paul (26).

The two have, among other things, been seen together while playing volleyball on the beach. Rae’s ex-girlfriend is said to have been surprised by the quick friendship, writes Dexerto.

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– She’s a wonderful girl

Rae denied a few days later that there was an affair between her and Paul. Now Paul has done the same. In a new interview with Access Hollywood, he talks about his new friendship.

– She’s a wonderful girl. She is a friend, he says to the channel.

The YouTuber says that he has enjoyed making new friendships with other influencers in Hollywood, but that he has not sought a new relationship.

– I’m not with Addison Rae. She is a friend and I think she is great, he says in the interview that was uploaded to YouTube on April 1.

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Logan Paul became single after breaking up with model ex Josie Conseco in November last year. Since then, he has not been linked to anyone romantic until last week’s links with Rae.

When he became single, he explained that he had to cross a small “uphill” before he would be comfortable flirting again.

One of YouTube’s biggest stars

Logan Paul has been a YouTube star for a number of years with his little brother Jake (24), and has 23 and 20 million followers respectively. They first became known for stunt and humor videos.

Lately, they have both focused on boxing and their fights get a lot of attention.

This week, the 26-year-old smoked out of “Maskorama” in the USA. Beforehand, fans had guessed wildly about who they thought was inside the costume, partly because the person admitted that he worked a bit with his bad reputation and troubled past.

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