Thiago Rodrigues posts and internet users point indirectly to Juliette

Thiago Rodrigues posts and internet users point indirectly to Juliette
Thiago Rodrigues posts and internet users point indirectly to Juliette

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Thiago Rodrigues had a post pointed as indirect to Juliette, from BBB21 (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Thiago Rodrigues gained prominence in the last days after Juliette Freire, from BBB21, tell him that he kissed him during a Carnival. The actor then took advantage of the situation and made a publication about the Northeast, his sister’s homeland, and followers saw it as an indirect.

Through his profile on Instagram, the ex-global published photos of the period he was in Caraíva, a coastal community located in Porto Seguro, in the south of Bahia. “I love the northeast!”, He wrote in the post’s caption, this Wednesday (31).

The followers – some of them famous – then saw the publication as an indirect for Juliette. “We love! Mainha is Bahian! But you love the northeast and Juliette ”, commented also actor Wagner Santisteban.

“It’s indirect or my impression,” said a follower. “Ju is one of the natural beauties there [risos]”, Wrote another internet user.

Juliette’s revelation touches Thiago Rodrigues’ life

It all started at dawn last Monday (29), when Juliette told her colleagues at BBB21 that she had already kissed an actor from Globo during a Carnival years ago. The confession came after Thaís Braz questioned whether she had ever stayed with a famous person.

“It’s from a soap opera and he was from ‘Malhação’. It was at a carnival and I kissed in a taxi. He put his head in the window, I kissed and bye ”, said the lawyer, without giving further details about who was being treated.

The comment, of course, aroused the curiosity of the confinement colleagues, who soon began to try to discover who the famous person was. Camilla de Lucas then asked for a tip and, after learning that the actor’s name starts with the letter “T”, came to speculate the names of some artists, such as Thiago Martins and Thiago Gagliasso.

After that, Juliette ended up giving a tip delivered by Thiago Rodrigues. “My God, what a shame. The boy won’t even remember my face. He did that soap opera with that girl who was Betina ”, she revealed, referring to the actor, who at the time opposite Fernanda Vasconcellos in Malhação.

After Juliette’s reveal at BBB21, Thiago Rodrigues saw his social networks grow a lot. In a short time, the actor gained more than 200 thousand followers and passed 700 thousand. Likes also skyrocketed. If before the likes of your publications were no more than 20 thousand, currently it has already exceeded the mark of 100 thousand in some posts.

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